We are the NZ Distributor (Products & Parts) for a comprehensive range of  Garden Tools & Treecare Machinery. All Imported from the USA. Our brands are: BARNEL, BUCKINGHAM, DOSKO, EARTHQUAKE, MIGHTY MAC, SALSCO, WEAVER, YALE.  

 We have the professional range of Barnel garden pruning tools: Assorted saws, loppers, shears, sickles, secatares etc.

A diverse range of: Chippers/shredders from 3" domestic to 12" commercial Branch Chippers. Tree Stumpgrinders, small portable or larger self propelled. Hydraulic, commercial Logsplitters, EZ trim mowers . Many types of tree climbing harness, climbing irons, ropes, carabiners etc. 

To compliment this range of specialist products we offer through our showroom- chainsaws, linetrimmers, hedgetrimmers, blower/vacuums, telescopic chainsaws (Power Pruner), trimmer mowers, plus blades, chains, spares, oils, lubes etc. We also sell some Chipper Knives & parts for BearCat, Vermeer, Bandit.  

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We are located at:

 434 Whitford Road
New Zealand.

please phone 1st before visiting as we will not always be on site.

 +64 9 5308741 or  0800 CHIP IT (0800 244 748) 
or Terry on (0274) 989 080